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The Hardy-Arcuino Partnership

 Workshop Title: Internationalizing Mental and Behavioral Health Education with Global Perspectives


To address the need for ongoing cultural competency processes and global perspectives in education and practice, Dr. Veronica Hardy, LCSW, NCC (Social Work and Counselor Educator, Speaker, and Author) and Dr. Cathy Lee Arcuino (Executive Director of Global Engagement at Wilkes University) have partnered to develop a virtual workshop titled, Internationalizing Mental and Behavioral Health Education with Global Perspectives.


With a focus on internationalizing the curriculum, this workshop is specifically designed for university educators in mental and behavioral health programs. By integrating global considerations, cultural relevance, and awareness of diverse contexts into their teaching, educators can better prepare students to navigate the intricacies of mental health on a global scale.


Workshop Objectives:


  1. Cultural Competency: Expand educators' knowledge of the various cultural contexts, varied belief systems, and global influences on mental health.

  2. Global Perspectives: To help educators see the world from a broader perspective, expose them to cutting-edge methods, best practices, and worldwide research in mental and behavioral health.

  3. Curriculum Development: Offer methods and materials for incorporating case studies, international content, and opportunities for experiential learning into existing curricula with accreditation standards consideration.

  4. Ethical Considerations: Discuss the social justice concerns, power dynamics, and ethical considerations that arise in cross-cultural mental health practice and education.

  5. Student Engagement: Provide teachers with tools to help students from diverse cultural backgrounds engage in open communication, critical thinking, and empathy. 

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