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Let's Talk About Finances

Dear social work students and graduates: there is no "secret" to paying off debt. The truth is that in order to pay off debt, you would need to cut back on your spending and/or increase your income, all the while making wise financial decisions that would improve rather than damage your credit. It is most likely that your coursework has exposed you to systems theory. If so, you are already aware of the importance of taking into account the various systems, as well as economic and social injustices, that have an impact on your financial decisions, beliefs, feelings, and money practices as well as your future intentions – in other words, what you would like to change or enhance about your financial habits? What types of financial “pivots” do you need to make?

Becoming Un-Tangled

In writing Becoming [transitioning into a new way of being] Un-Tangled [separation from something that weighs you down], this book acknowledges guiding principles noted throughout the Bible. These principles provide insight about human thoughts, behaviors, and interactions as well as how these truths can be used to clean up our lives. Becoming Un-Tangled highlights eight strategies [actions and movements designed to attain a goal or engage in battle] for transformation and entering a new season.

Becoming Un-Tangled: Pray with Intention 30-Day Devotional

This 30-day devotional was influenced by and includes excerpts from the inspirational book, Becoming Un-Tangled: Eight Simple Strategies for Cleaning Up Your Life, Mind, and Habits. Each devotion highlights guiding principles noted throughout the Bible and closes with a daily prayer of commitment, intentionality, and praise. At the end of this devotional, you will find thirty scriptures to help you refresh daily. 


The Process of Grief: The Underrated Form of Self-Care

This workbook is designed for helping professionals, including students and volunteers. Through this writing, the author has sought to promote the integration of the grieving process as a key component of self-care after experiencing loss in the professional setting. Through writing prompts, the reader is encouraged to reflect upon one's own grief process, understand the role of ethics and guidelines according to one’s own helping profession, explore methods of coping, and realize the impact on work performance.

A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God's Promises

In A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises, the author uses a workbook style to guide you through brief narratives, biblical insights, and reflective questions – encouraging you to contemplate on your experiences from a spiritual perspective. This workbook highlights the challenges experienced by women including intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, friendship conflicts, and self-image. Giving voice to the many experiences of women. Nine scriptures and nine brief narratives help to meet you where you are in your identity, allowing you to find inspiration and empowerment.

The Counselor's Toolkit: Your To-Do-List for Launching a Private Practice

Introducing The Counselor's Toolkit: Your To-Do-List for Launching a Private Practice. This list-based tool is designed to support you as you establish your own private practice. The insight in this book may serve as a road map to help you plan and manage your business as well as navigate challenges as an entrepreneur. Are you ready to identify your niche? Do you recognize the importance of mentorship? In what ways will you integrate self-care as a counselor-preneur? Each chapter of The Counselor's Toolkit has a list of 50 practical suggestions that you can immediately place into practice. This book offers direction, motivation, and key steps to transition your entrepreneurial vision into reality.


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