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Public Speaker

Dr. Hardy is a charismatic public speaker who advocates learning about general wellness and leading a healthy life that is consistent with your identity. She exhorts you to reflect on yourself, identify and deal with mental clutter, and then concentrate on what gives your life meaning. She pursues social justice by using speaking engagements as a platform to educate and develop plans for advancing equity. She enjoys speaking and teaching whether it's a virtual seminar, spiritual gathering, or workplace setting. Dr. Hardy has presented on a variety of subjects, such as: 

  • Grieving Freedom: The Legacy of Race-Based Trauma

  • The Intersections of Race-Based Trauma and Financial Literacy

  • Building Mental Wealth: Navigating Daily Stress and Anxiety

  • Understanding and Responding to Grief and Loss

  • Child Sex Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

In order to help women discover and confront their own unique stories, Dr. Hardy has also led discussions in women's book clubs on her book, A Letter to My Sisters. The Process of Grief workbook has additionally been used to support grief and self-reflection workshop presentations. Public talks have been given with an emphasis on the ideas and tactics discussed in Becoming Un-Tangled. 

Note that Dr. Hardy's 2023 speaking engagements are already scheduled. Therefore, we are unable to fulfill any further requests for this year. 

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