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The New Social Worker Magazine

National Social Work Month 2024

Empowering Social Workers!

Inspiring Action, Leading Change

The New Social Worker Magazine features articles by Dr. Veronica Hardy. She wrote columns for several years that addressed social work mentorship, empowerment, and social justice issues. She also created a video series to help aspiring social workers advance both personally and professionally. Quoted excerpts from each article series are provided below from The New Social Worker Magazine. 

What About Social Justice? 

What About Social Justice? Confronting Workplace Maltreatment - " ... have you ever considered how social injustices take place within the workplace setting? Social workers fulfill many roles, including those in administration and management where skills such as public speaking, training, supervision, consultation, workshop development, and group facilitation are essential, especially when confronting injustices such as workplace maltreatment."


What About Social Justice? Engaging in Environmental Justice Work - "What is the role of social work in relation to environmental justice? It is important for us, as social workers, to enhance our knowledge about the impact of the environment on the health, welfare, and life span of diverse groups."

What About Social Justice? Advocating for Maternal Health Equity - "The maternal mortality rate is showing increase in the U.S. with evidence of racial disparities. Pertaining to maternal health equity, what will you do to promote social justice?"

What About Social Justice? Confronting Race-Based Trauma - "As a social worker, you have a powerful toolkit of skills to confront practices leading to race-based trauma. Take an inventory of your self-awareness, workplace, and geographic location to determine what steps you can take to promote social justice."


Vision. Intention. Strategy.Your Social Work Mentor​​


​Six Tips for Navigating Workplace Bullying in Social Work - "Workplace bullying can have unhealthy effects on the person targeted and on services provided in the social work setting. Document your experience and consult with others. These and other strategies help in navigating this difficult situation."

Spirituality and Social Work Practice: Tips for Confronting Apprehensions - "Spirituality generally focuses on where a person may find their meaning and purpose in life. How do we enhance our focus on spirituality as professionals and when providing social work services? Here are a few insights gained through experience."

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