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Public Speaker

Dr. Hardy is an engaging speaker who promotes learning about overall wellness and living a healthy life that is in alignment with your identity. She encourages you to self-reflect, recognize and confront mental clutter, and then focus on what adds value to your life. She pursues social justice through using speaking opportunities as a platform to both inform and strategize ways to promote equity. Whether it is in the classroom, conference, spiritual setting, or local trainings, she enjoys speaking, teaching, and even hosting. Dr. Hardy has provided presentations on several topics including:

  • Grieving Freedom: The Legacy of Race-Based Trauma

  • The Intersections of Race-Based Trauma and Financial Literacy

  • Navigating Daily Stress and Anxiety: Building Mental Wealth

  • Understanding and Responding to Grief and Loss

  • Child Sex Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

Dr. Hardy has also facilitated women's book club discussions focusing on her writing, A Letter to My Sisters, aiding women to uncover and confront their own personal stories. The Process of Grief workbook has also been used as a supplement to grief and self-reflection workshop presentations. Public presentations have taken place with a focus on the principles and strategies shared in Becoming Un-Tangled.

Note: Dr. Hardy's speaking schedule is currently booked from January 2023 through September 2023. No further requests can be accommodated for those specific months.

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