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Dr. Hardy is an engaging speaker who promotes learning about overall wellness and living a healthy life that is in alignment with your identity. She encourages you to self-reflect, recognize and confront mental clutter, and then focus on what adds value to your life. Whether it is in the classroom, at a conference, in the church, or local trainings, she enjoys speaking, teaching, and even hosting. Dr. Hardy has provided presentations on several topics including:

  • Reset, Readjust, and Refocus: Entering into Your New Season

  • Recognizing the Effects of Cumulative Race-Based Trauma

  • Coping with Daily Stress and Anxiety

  • Restoring Your Identity after an Unhealthy Relationship

  • Responding to Grief and Loss through Faith

  • Child Sex Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

  • Promoting Racial Equity in K through 12 Schools

Dr. Hardy has also facilitated women's book club discussions focusing on her writing, A Letter to My Sisters, aiding women to uncover and confront their own personal stories. The Process of Grief workbook has also been used as a supplement to grief and self-reflection workshop presentations.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all speaking engagements are taking place virtually. To schedule a speaking engagement, please contact Dr. Hardy at

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