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Awareness. Prevention. Justice.

Dr. Veronica Hardy, LCSW, NCC is currently a professional consultant to nonprofit organizations with a focus on providing services to confront human trafficking, such as Doing It For The Kingdom based in Fayetteville, NC.


For several years, Dr. Hardy has provided trainings to community members, parents, and local organizations about child sex trafficking. In addition, she developed a graduate-level course to educate social work students titled, Human Trafficking in the U.S. This course was designed to equip students with the entry level ability to:

  • Comprehend and analyze the systemic factors that contribute to the process and sustainment of human trafficking.

  • Appraise and apply theoretical concepts as related to trauma-focused interventions and victimization.

  • Design an anti-human trafficking intervention that reflects understanding of the multiple systems impacting this human rights issue within the United States.

To learn more about child sex trafficking, visit Dr. Hardy's co-authored academic journal articles:

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Adolescents: Gender-Specific and Trauma-Informed Care Implications

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Practice Implications for Mental Health Professionals

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