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Purpose. Process. Achievement.

Dr. Veronica L. Hardy, LCSW is an African American female who has attained tenure within six years and promotion to Full Professor rank within eleven years. Dr. Hardy's intent is to support the growth and development of less represented (racial/ethnic, gender, ability, geographic, etc.) populations in academia through professional consultation services.

What Can Dr. Hardy Do To Support You?

Professional Identity Development: Dr. Hardy will help you explore and strengthen your identity as a faculty member and identify possible internal and external barriers to achievement.

Professional Document Design: Dr. Hardy will assist you in creating awareness of your unique skills and career trajectory resulting in the development and maintenance of your curriculum vitae, cover letter, and tenure and promotion documents.

Goal-Oriented Planning: Dr. Hardy will focus on providing you with specialized guidance in developing goal-oriented and time-specific plans for teaching, service, and scholarship, all while considering your personal life responsibilities.

Your Time - Your Investment

Currently, sessions take place on Saturdays only. To schedule a free, initial 15-minute consultation, please send an email to expressing your interest so we may begin to learn more about each other, and I may learn more about your unique needs. Professional Consultation is an investment in your unique development as a scholar and individual. The Professional Consultation rate per virtual 60-minute session is $100. All forms of payment will be accepted through Square. 


From Hire to Higher

Dr. Veronica L. Hardy, LCSW achieved Full Professor rank (tenured) at a public university. Throughout her academic career, she has mentored incoming faculty to enhance their success within their respective educational departments, broader university environment, and community. Dr. Hardy’s further intention has been to increase understanding of the promotion and tenure processes for fellow faculty who have been categorized as “minority.” Due to her history of mentorship and personal joy from supporting others, Dr. Hardy penned the workbook, From Hire to Higher, as a means of sharing her own process with a broader audience. In this writing, Dr. Hardy highlights purposeful steps she implemented with teaching, scholarship, and service that led to her promotional achievements.

Pre-order your Kindle Edition (ebook) via Amazon.

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