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Let's Talk About Finances

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A Little About the Book!

Dear social work students and graduates, let me let you in on a little secret – there is no "secret" to paying off debt. The facts are, to pay off debt you would need to decrease your spending and/or enhance your income, while making good financial decisions along the way that will benefit versus harm your credit. That is the trick! Financial wellness starts in the mind. However, financial wellness does not take place in isolation from other areas of your life. I believe you are familiar with systems theory from your courses, right? Then you already know that it is critical to consider the multiple systems, as well as economic and social inequalities, that influence your financial decisions, beliefs, feelings, and practices with money, as well as your future intentions – in other words, what you would like to change or enhance about your financial habits? What types of financial “pivots” do you need to make?












Book Reviews

I am glad something finally came out for my social work colleagues who have been essential especially during this pandemic! As a financial professional this book is very easy to read. This is definitely going to be a benefit for financial empowerment among social service professionals.

Dr. Hardy does a great job of breaking down tips and strategies to gain financial freedom from debt. Buy the book! You definitely won’t regret it.

I have only read the first chapter and I've already learned so much! Dr. Hardy thank you for not only discussing the financial plans but also including the disparities and inequalities many of us have faced and how to properly get on the correct path! More importantly thank you for mentioning tithing! I'm excited to continue reading this book!

Motivating! This book helps to increase self-awareness. Exploring how we reached our current financial situation, providing us with knowledge and actionable tasks to get us closer to financial wellness. I CAN DO THIS, WE CAN DO THIS, financial freedom here we come!

Available on Amazon!

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