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Grief. Loss. Self-Care.

The Process of Grief: The Underrated Form of Self-Care is a workbook designed for helping professionals, including students and volunteers. Through this writing, Dr. Veronica Hardy, LCSW has sought to promote the integration of the grieving process as a key component of self-care after experiencing loss in the professional setting. Through writing prompts, the reader is encouraged to reflect upon one's own grief process, understand the role of ethics and guidelines according to one’s own helping profession, explore methods of coping, and realize the impact on work performance.


The author uses the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics (2017) as an example of the role ethical standards have in the active process of grief in the workplace. Overall, this workbook is a beautiful addition to the self-care toolkit of any helping professional who provides an essential role in our society.

Examples of ways this workbook can be used include as personal study for helping professionals, as a supplementary teaching tool and/or assignment in associate, bachelors, masters level degree programs (e.g., introductory, professional identity, field seminar, or grief and loss courses) and certificate trainings, or as a tool used by administrators, managers, and supervisors with employees, supervisees, and interns.

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