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Identity. Spirituality. Coping.

In A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises, Dr. Veronica L. Hardy uses a workbook style to guide you through brief narratives, biblical insights, and reflective questions – encouraging you to contemplate on your experiences from a spiritual perspective.

This workbook highlights the challenges experienced by women including intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, friendship conflicts, and self-image. Giving voice to the many experiences of women, A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises is a tool for recognizing unproductive thought patterns, the effects of those patterns, and how to replace those patterns with spiritually nourishing ones. Nine scriptures and nine brief narratives help to meet you where you are in your identity, allowing you to find inspiration and empowerment.

A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises is dedicated to every person who realizes the importance of story and personal reflection. Remember, there is power in your unique story to help inspire, strengthen, and encourage others. Keep moving forward, reflect on God’s promises, and live your life beautifully.


A great book which is Bible based, which focuses on challenges women face in relationships. Dr. Hardy also provides workable recommendations and solutions which offer hope. Great for small group studies, include male groups to better understand the challenges their daughters and women face in their lives.

— Algeria

What I loved about this book is that you can learn plenty of things. What I learned is that we all go through different problems but no matter what our problems may be, we know that God can see us through.

— Tyonna

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