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Greetings and welcome to my site. I am extremely thankful and honored to share my written works and upcoming speaking events with you. I am drawn to the purpose of creating a better understanding of self, relationships, and identity — a purpose which has cast me into several roles: inspirational speaker, author, and educator.  I am so excited to share my work with you.

About Dr. Hardy

Dr. Veronica L. Hardy is an inspirational speaker, author, and educator. She is currently a university-level educator and licensed clinical social worker. As a mental health professional, she desired to learn how to improve her ability to integrate Biblical scriptures into her clinical services. This led her to obtain a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from a program that enabled her to better grasp the impact of spirituality in counseling. Now, equipped with a Ph.D., Master of Social Work degree, and a continuous walk with the Lord, she is showcasing the joy of writing she has held since a teenager.

Dr. Hardy is an insightful author as showcased through her book, A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises. She also communicates her passion for empowerment and confronting life challenges through multiple publication venues including her roles as a contributing writer for the book, Navigating the Doctoral Journey: A Handbook of Strategies for Success, co-author of academic journal articles, Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Practice Implications for Mental Health Professionals and Spirituality Group with Female Prisoners: Impacting Hope, and a contributing article writer for The CFM Group Magazine Publishing.

Dr. Hardy is also the organizer of multiple empowerment events including Conversations: A Women’s Empowerment Symposium, a forum to identify and confront barriers to living a beautiful life; Woman to Woman: There is Power in Our Stories, a platform for women to share their spiritual journeys of resilience; 60 Seconds, a domestic violence awareness event; and Creative Strategies, a seminar series designed to highlight the leadership strengths of social work professionals. With a history of providing convocation and keynote speeches, women’s empowerment talks, and conference presentations, Dr. Hardy is a sought after orator who is both engaging and insightful. Through her writing and public speaking, she uses the power of story to reveal and confront challenges experienced by the readers and listeners. Overall, she believes that life is art and is committed to helping others realize their essential value, unique design, and limitless potential.


A Letter to My Sisters:
Reflecting on God's Promises

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A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises is a unique work designed to empower women through story, spirituality, and reflection. Dr. Veronica L. Hardy creatively highlights challenges experienced by women including intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, relationship conflicts, and self-image.


The use of a key story from the New King James Version of the Bible is the basis of the book. Tamar, the daughter of King David, experienced a form of sexual assault - rape, which impacted her identity. She carried the weight of this act on her shoulders but was able to confide in someone close to her. Through A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God’s Promises, you will find inspiration and power in Tamar’s story. It is time to embrace the power in yours.

A Letter to My Sisters: Reflecting on God's Promises is a 2019 publication of  WestBow Press, A Division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan.

"Each day I wake up,
my goal is to be happy."

~ Dr. Veronica L. Hardy


My Recent Articles

Since childhood, I remember curling up on the couch and reading a new book each week with excitement. Then, during my teenage years, I began to capture my thoughts and observations through poetry and journal writing. This laid a foundation for me as an adult to see life as art and support others in living it well. I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. I enjoy engaging with written projects that take me on a spiritual, self-reflective journey and my hope is that the words tap into the souls of the readers. Take a look at my most recent articles featured in the Robeson Living Magazine.

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This book is powerful and uplifting. It provides words of encouragement and inspiration to anyone who may be experiencing self-esteem issues. We all have our problems and the one thing I am a firm believer of is knowing God would put no more on us than we can handle. Confirmation is given in this book. Thank you for the kind and positive uplifting words that you have shared with your readers.

Marion W.

Words of encouragement and inspiration to any and all who have lived and are still living with a self-image of 'less than' or 'not good enough'...

Dianne T.