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I am thankful and honored to share my work with you. I am drawn to the purpose of creating a better understanding of self, relationships, and identity — a purpose that has cast me into several roles: speaker, author, and educator.  I am so excited to share my latest publications, A Letter to My Sisters, The Process of Grief, Becoming Un-Tangled, Let's Talk About Finances, as well as my social justice pursuits including racial equity and child sex trafficking  prevention. Feel welcome to navigate this site and my accompanying site,, to learn more about my endeavors and how I may be of professional service to your organization.  

To order copies of Let's Talk About Finances: A Path to Financial Wellness for Social Work Students and Graduates Click Here

Book Reviews!

The book is a good work that depicts the effects of negative/positive financial management upon a person's mental health. The author does an outstanding job of sharing their personal experiences and the steps taken to positively manage their resources as well as their time. The reader will also benefit by adapting and applying the tasks and applications as they are illustrated in the book. This book is a gem and will prove beneficial to the person that desires to move in the direction of financial freedom. I highly recommend this book!!

This was an awesome book. It was packed with so many gems and you are sure to learn so much from reading it. No matter your age you can gain some type of knowledge from this incredible book. Most of us were never taught about financial literacy so to be able to find a easy and informative read on financial literacy is like a breath of fresh air and so needed for the culture! The way the book is broken down, and holds your hand throughout the entire read. Sometimes finances can bring on anxiety, but Dr. Hardy had found a way to teach about financial literacy in a way that makes the reader feel not only comfortable but confident in what they are reading as well. You won't be disappointed!

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